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Company Registration in Dwarka Expressway

Private limited companies have more credential power as compared to any other entity.

It is the most popular legal entity in India. Register a private limited with many benefits. We caingurugram.com offer registered companies to make you genuine business and increase the transparency and authenticity of your business. Company Registration in Dwarka expressway is a popular option to start a business in Dwarka expressway by startups and businesses with higher growth aspirations. Private limited company registration is governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Companies Act, 2013 and the Companies Incorporation Rules, 2014. One of the primary steps in Company Registration is to ensure that the company name has not already been taken by another legal entity. We can run a company name search to check the availability of the particular name in India against the MCA and trademark database.


  1. Three Proposed Names
  2. The objective of the proposed company
  3. PAN Card of all the Subscribers/Directors
  4. Photograph of all the Subscribers/Directors
  5. Aadhar Card of the Subscribers/Directors
  6. Mobile and Email of all the Subscribers/Directors
  7. DL/Voter ID/ passport, anyone documents of all the Subscribers/Directors
  8. Bank statement/ Electricity Bill in the name of the Subscribers/Directors, anyone documents of all the subscribers/directors
  9. Latest utility bill i.e. electricity, landline, water bill, etc.
  10. For a rented place,  a rent agreement is required in the name of the proposed company


  1. It is flexible and has limited liability.
    1. Greater capital contribution and greater stability.
    1. Possibility to grow big and expand.
    1. Continued Existence.
    1. Tax Benefits.

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